Buses The Plaxton Premiere Pack

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I am making a Plaxton Premiere!
Apr 20, 2018
Hi all , You may have noticed that I have stopped progress on the somerset repaint pack , Well the reason for that was this:



I am currently making a Plaxton Premiere for OMSI 2!
Now special thanks to @Lukeyboi for providing me with the base model , without that you would not be reading this.

As you can see the model is still a WIP , I need to fix the drivers side window but I think its looking great!

So onto the specifications of this coach:
I have decided the following:
-First Release:
-Dennis Javelin Varient
-Dennis Javelin Varient w Full coach mirrors
-Second Release:
-Volvo b10m
-Volvo b10m Varient w Full coach mirrors
-Third Release:
-Plaxton Paragon B10m

Release date? : I have got no idea.
Can I be a beta tester? : What do you think the answer to that is?
Please may you make an automatic version? No , I only have access to manual premieres around me.
Can I help? Ummm No.


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I am making a Plaxton Premiere!
Apr 20, 2018
I have a question - how much of the model that we are currently seeing is your work, and how much was already there when you received the model from Lukeyboi?
The model I received from Lukeyboi had the front , The basic shape and Windows. I have been working on the rear since it started off with nothing and the side panelling. I have also modified the front with the top and around the bottom and some slight changes to the lights. Also alot has changed since this was posted.