TfL Tender Results 25th August 2016

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Mar 18, 2016
Today is all about Arriva! 

Route 2/N2 (Marlyebone/Whitehall - West Norwood/Crystal Palace) has been reawarded to Arriva London with new Euro VI hybrids. (1 April 2017)

Routes 19/N19 (Battersea Bridge/Clapham Junction - Finsbury Park) and 249 (Clapham Common - Anerley Station) will return back to Arriva London South from Go-Ahead London: London General with new Euro VI hybrids, 5 years after they left for Arriva for Go-Ahead. (1 April 2017)

Route 455 (Wallington) has been awarded to Go-Ahead London: Metrobus from Abellio London with existing Euro V single-deckers. (4th March 2017)

Routes 624/658 and 625 have been retained by Go-Ahead London: London Central. (31 December 2016)

It's great to see the 19 back with Arriva :D  It looks like BN will finally get some new buses, with only one batch entering there in the last 7 years.

Purely speculation on my part, by I reckon the 2 and 249 will join the 133 and 333 in getting HAs thus converting N basically to a HA garage. I then believe the arrival of the 249 will force the 417 into BN with the DWs it took from there at last, joined by the 19 :)  


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Mar 20, 2016
Yay, really proud about something that's around me which Abellio or Go-Ahead have gotten their hands on. Really will miss the VLAs on the 2. 

The 19/249 is no surprise. Used to get the 249 to school everyday during that time it had passed over to London General. I'm sure they gave it their best shot, but the service was not too great. 
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Mar 30, 2016
 RIP Caetano Nimbuses? wonder what's happening to them, since they are very old i would presume going back to lease? I wonder if the new-ish buses will do workings on the 359 or 130 (its bound to go to C, it's right next to the route). Congrats to Arriva also on their regain of the 9 and 249 and retention of the 2 

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To add, Metrobus failed to retain the routes 146 and 336 with them passing over to Stagecoach with a new fleet of Enviro200 MMC's. That makes it good-bye to the Dennis Dart MPD's that were the core of the routes.

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Does anyone know why the 355 is being transferred to Metrobus at C?
Are you asking why it is going to Beddington Lane Garage?

If so, their only other London operating garage is Green St Green (Orpington) and that would just be impractical. Therefore C is the only logical place to run it from.
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