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Many upload submissions are rejected because of insufficient readmes, particularly overly vague installation instructions. We must remember that whilst repaint installation can seem obvious to us, many users are computer novices who need step-by-step guidance (ideally with screenshots for more complicated packages). Once a file has been downloaded it is completely separated from any information at Fellowsfilm, so all important information must be within the readme (many users retain files they have downloaded for reinstallation later).

A thorough readme protects you as an author and reduces support requests and negative reviews you may receive; it improves and smooths the experience for all! Feel free to use the readme template below for your own uploads without restriction or credit.
[[OPERATOR AND LIVERY]] repaint texture(s) [[VERSION]] by [[YOUR NAME]]
NB: Enable "Word Wrap" in Notepad for easier reading

[[This semi-fictional repaint texture is based upon blah blah blah and particularly suited to yadda yadda yadda; give a little bit of background. I have taken artistic licence with something because etc. MENTION ANY KNOWN ISSUES. Don't go on for too long, keep it fairly brief. I hope you enjoy using it. You could re-use this text in your file description on Fellowsfilm.]]

This package requires the following dependencies to be installed first, these are mandatory and this package will not work without them:
* [[BUS AUTHOR, MAKE, MODEL & VARIANT, VERSION e.g. UKDT Citybus C400R v1.4b or later]]

1) Open the zip archive in Windows Explorer/My Computer. Holding the left mouse button, drag a box around all the folder(s) within it [[Edit this section to suit your download's file structure]] so they are highlighted, then right click and select copy from the pop-up menu.

2) Open a new My Computer window and navigate in to your OMSI root directory. Right click and select "Paste" from the pop-up menu. Take care not to paste into one of the other folders on screen. Your OMSI root directory is most likely:
a. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2
b. C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2
c. C:\M-R Software\OMSI

3) You should see one or more pop-up windows requesting permission to merge/overwrite existing files and folders. You should select "Yes to all", "Yes, do this for all current items" or similar. If you aren't asked, you have pasted the files to the wrong location and need to redo step 2.

4) You will find the repaint listed in OMSI 2's bus selection menu under Manufacturer: [[NAME]], Type: [[NAME]] and Appearance: [[NAME]]. If you can't see it in OMSI, please check you have all the required dependencies installed properly and redo installation from step 1 above, before requesting support. If you spot any bugs, before reporting please check they haven't already been reported on the file's Fellowsfilm support thread.

[[YOUR NAME]] - [[a brief description of what you contributed to the package, e.g. Main author who created these textures]] - [[YOUR CONTACT DETAILS e.g. an e-mail address or details of a forum and your username there]]
[[CONTIBUTOR'S NAME]] - [[a brief description of what they contributed, e.g. logos, testing, base textures]] - [[OPTIONAL CONTACT DETAILS, as above]]

[[OPTIONAL SITES UPLOADED TO This package was uploaded to where you can obtain the latest version and support from the author. It was also made available at BLAH. These files are only to be provided elsewhere with the permission of the author.]]

Copyright ©2018 [[YOUR NAME]]. All rights reserved.
For use with MR-Software GbR's OMSI 2 Omnibus Simulator only.
All images and logos remain property of their respective owners.

These files may not be charged for where offered for download, directly or indirectly. You may not use any of the content contained within this package for any purpose other than your own personal use, without prior written permission. You may not attempt to pass off any of this content as your own creation, either on its own or as part of some other work.

You may not use any part of these works in any commercial product or other profit generating activity without prior written permission. You may not use it to conduct training, familiarisation or other training scenarios without first acquiring approval of the author.

The author accepts no responsibility for any damage or in respect of any loss caused to your computer or data whatsoever that may arise from the use of this package, however caused. You use the files and instructions contained herein entirely at your own risk.

These files and related documentation are licensed free of charge, but not sold or given away. Any rights not clearly and expressly granted to you here are reserved for the contributors listed in the credits above. The licence grants personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited rights.

If you cannot agree to the above terms and conditions, please delete this package immediately. Ignorance of these terms and conditions is not an excuse for breach!
NOTE 1: If preferred you can replace the above limited distribution restrictions with one of the open source licences at Licenses & Standards | Open Source Initiative
NOTE 2: The folder structure inside your ZIP should mirror that of OMSI, so that one simple copy and paste in to the OMSI 2 root directory is all that is needed for successful installation.
NOTE 3: Don't forget to put the dependencies on the file description page too!
NOTE 4: The last installation directory (c) is for OMSI 1. If your download will not work with OMSI 1, you should remove this entry. If you simply have not tested with OMSI 1, you should add a warning that the content may not work).
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