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Interested in joining a VTC but don't like having to customise your truck so it's not to your taste? Well look no further because Tapp Inc. is a VTC that doesn't require you to use a set paint job, the CEO of our company (tappedouter2002) wanted to join a VTC but felt like he would have no control over his truck's customisation. We hold convoys quite often, most when the CEO streams on his twitch (Twitch.tv/tappedouter2002_). To apply go to Tappinc.weebly.com and click the button for Tapp Inc. VTC. Any more questions you need answering, contact tapp on his social media. All social media links below. Below is an example by what we mean of 'free truck customisation'.
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Tapp Inc. now has a twitter page @tappincvtc and an Instagram page @tappincgroup, gives us a follow for all the latest updates & images to the VTC!!
Discord https://discord.gg/dNjXDzU

Tapp's personal social media - @tappedouter2002
Youtube - Youtube.com/tappedouter2002

New updates - 31st May 2017 - Updated images, updated social media due to new VTC's opening in future, discord server link (still not fully set up), links added, few

Update - 28th August 2017 - Removed the no 8x4 chassis rule under new Tapp Inc. Group VTC movements and additions
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