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Guys, look at what I came across today,
Tango is a small venture trying to produce a powerful yet mini PC.
Their first prototype is as big as an external HDD.

PC spec....
Processor AMD A6-5200 Quad Core 2GHZ 25 watts, with integrated GCN GPU HD8400
Memory SODIMM DDR3-1600 socket x1 (from 2GB to 8GB). Laptop RAM
Storage SATA III mSATA SSD Socket x1. (from 32GB to 512GB or higher)
PC Size 125mm X 80mm X 13.5mm
OS Any laptop PC compatible OS is expected to run on Tango (Windows 7, 8 Pro, a Linux flavors, Chrome, Unix, etc). Windows 7 and 8 Pro will be certified to run.

Have a look at it at http://tangopc.com/
And if you wish to back them up, go one step further and support them with their crowd funding campaign at HERE



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Not sure I like it.. I like massive towers with half a dozen fans and LED lights everywhere.. But best of luck to them though!
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