Suggestions/ideas for harrothorpe reborn

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Apr 1, 2016
Now it has come to my attention that the OMSI Uk community has some ace ideas and suggestion for W.I.P maps, some of which i may have never thought of. Now i was wondering if you guys would want to suggest (using Screenshots in our W.I.P thread and from own knowledge) ideas of operators, liveries + brands, routes, companies, competition routes and any other ideas you have...

As an example i will give a few i wish for people to comment their opinion below. Now i was thinking of including an access bus service that runs in a similar way to they do normally where bookings are taken and a mini bus goes to areas to take people to either Community Clubs or other places...


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Nov 26, 2016
bradford Areas need to out in!!! If not able to thats fine its coz i have A: Repaints i can use for certain Routes and B: IM FROM BRADFORD!