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Apr 1, 2016
I thought it'd be a good idea to update this thread seeing as it's not had any input from me in the past 2 months... :eek:

During this period of 2 months, I've taken a months rest from developing as it was exhausting me, and putting more important life-related things to one-side. Moreover, I thought it'd be better to spend more time with my family, and friends, as I've been a bit of a recluse recently. :rolleyes:

However, on topic, in the spoiler are numerous screenshots of areas that have been improved, or rebuilt, since the last update here.


The Countryside has been opened up much more to make it feel less cramped.

The Dual-Carriageway is in the process of being refurbished, but the workers have been transferred elsewhere, so it's been left like this in the short-term...


The Park and Ride has been moved further up the Link Road, and a mini trading estate has gone in its place.


The Tesco on Robertson Road has been refurbished, and the petrol station is now part of the car park complex. Some flats and houses are to be built in its place.

And finally, there has been a new bit of map built near the Bus Depot, the 311 utilises this to make it slightly differ from the 301/321 routes.
So where do we go from here? Well, pathing is still to be completed, and I want to revisit some more areas of the map, these have already been cleared out in preperation for re-building. After this, ancillary documents and features will be created, and I also want to retexture some of the Germanic buildings.
How long will this take? I've not got a clue, so don't bother asking.

As always, enjoy, and stay safe. :smiley:


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Apr 1, 2016

Christmas Update
We're nearing the end of 2017, and it's been a very busy year for the UK OMSI developing community. We've seen many new developers, many new developments and a general spread of helpfulness across the board. It certainly wouldn't be possible without these forums, the admins and moderators. I take my hat off to you all.

However, I digress. It's been a rather quiet past few months regarding Strathshire development, unfortunately I lost my motivation to work on Strathshire, and I've also got my preliminary exams coming up straight after Christmas. I have, however, picked up the past few days adding snow textures to roads, pavements, etc, tidying things up, and making things a little more pretty. I've not got much to show for it, but I wanted to push a forum update out in the run up to Christmas.

An area which has seen a significant amount of tender loving care recently, is the Robertson Road area. As you've seen in my previous screenshots, the road has been widened, feeling a bit more urban now, with detached housing and gardens, and a few shops further down.


The area at the top of Robertson Hill (where the 301 and 321 turn right towards the City Centre) has been spruced up a little, it's now an open communal park vice a high wall with a group of upmarket houses behind.


Also in progress at the moment is an entire rebrand of the Arriva Strathshire fleet, into the new Arriva brand. During this rebrand, Arriva are also encouraging more people to learn Scottish Gaelic, by having bilingual decals on either side of the C400R fleet. Many thanks to Tom Simms for this (along with all of the Strathshire advertising)
Arriva are also expecting a delivery of 7 brand new single deck vehicles replacing the aging Volvo B7L Eclipses, but more on that later. ;)

So what do you expect from now? Well, unfortunately, nothing until the end of January at the earliest. My final exams are spread out during May, and I want to wash my hands of Strathshire pretty soon (not much is left to do), so take what you will from that.


I'd like to say a few thank yous; particularly towards the admin and moderation team at Fellowsfilm Studios, also my behind the scenes development and testing team. Strathshire would not have been the same without you all. And finally, every single member that is part of Fellowsfilm, for the continued support for Strathshire, persuading me to keep going with it. Thank you all. :)

So, to all, please have a very Merry Christmas, and may 2018 be one of the best years we have in the UK OMSI Community. :)


P.S. well done if you made it to the end


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Apr 5, 2016
must say map is looking great, a very merry xmas to you and all on fellows, also good luck in your exams mate
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Absolutely fantastic mate, you deserve all the credit you can get.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year also!

And good luck in those prelims, you'll do well!
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