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Strathclyde Transport VTC are always recruiting drivers. Our company takes a more relaxed approach and has a very laid back attitude for the driver who wants the experience of being in a Virtual Trucking Company but without the hassles of it being "too serious", which today a great majority of companies are. But dont let our relaxed policy fool you, we still give our drivers the best tools available during their stay at the company, this includes TruckNet, Website Login and we are one of the only VTC's that does a monthly giveaway! This month we gave away a expansion DLC and a £20 Steam Wallet Code! Oh, and the runner up got a £10 code. So its maybe worth your while joining. Strathclyde Transport "invests in our drivers", we want to help you make your own success on the road.

We have an extremely professional and simple website, its effortless to find your way about. The company also has two divisions "Heavy & General Haulage", these are optional to join, and coming soon will be our "Abnormal Loads" division!

The company is constantly innovating and trying out new things to make everyone's experience the best it can be.

  • Divisions!
  • Use your own truck or download our company profile!
  • Monthly Giveaways!
  • TruckNet Job Logger!
  • Discord!
  • Friendly and fair management!
  • Convoys!
  • Much Much more!

So, you wanna join us?

Go the site, have a look around and then apply. Applications are automatically accepted!
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One of the best small VTC's to drive for, nothing but laughs and long hauls!!


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I joined the company around 2 weeks ago, all the drivers get along with our managers and we have nothing but laughs, we hold convoys on Saturdays and Wednesdays and theres always a laugh and always something fun to talk about, we have a private discord server for our members to comunicate with text and voice channels for different times. I highly recomend this VTC
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Got to say that these guys are a great laugh to drive with, Keeping it light hearted but professional at the say time. Excellently run and very help staff, all in all a very very good quality VTC, cant commend them enough


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Recently joined Strathclyde Transport and I have had a very warm welcome to a very friendly community, if fact I have been on Steam for over 12 years and this is one of the best I have come across. I take sims seriously and so wanted rules and guildlines but I do need to relax too as it's a VTC and this has fitted to what I was looking for. They are very active and new ideas are being suggested daily. Why truck alone when you can be part of a family. Highly Recommended.

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I have been in this vtc for a couple of weeks and i have to say the most friendly community i have ever seen im my life no joking,
verry helpfull just perfect ;)

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