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Rhys stirling

a B10' lad
May 4, 2016
Will there be airport, container terminal and border in the map?
I’m not 100% sure if you’ve posted this in the correct thread, there will be no airport & then obviously no container terminal & no border. If you want info on what’s in the map the please visit my first post
Hi all since October I have been making a map called Stowtenxbridge, I feel I have made enough progress to branch out from my Discord server to Fellowsfilm.
Please note, Stowtenxbridge is a completely fictional map set in the UK.

Some Background:
The town is located upon the river Hallstead and the infrastructure of the county "Greater Desmond" is based around this river. Similar to "Greater Manchester", the county was built up during the industrial revolution as little mining villages and towns. Goods used to be transported up and down the river on boats. Since then the roads have taken over and towns have developed to be larger and larger. Desmond (a large town/small city) is located to the north of Stowten. Up to 2012 a family company ran the area of Greater Desmond however, due to the high demand for bus routes throughout the county, Eskoth's Buses couldn't cope, therefore ceasing operation on the Sunday 2nd December 2012.

As of Monday 3
rd December 2012 First took over all 15 routes and 20 buses from Eskoth's Buses. First still commemorate their excellent service for their 60 years of operation with a half painted first bus and the other half in Eskoth's livery.

Current Operations:
First currently operate all routes in the Greater Desmond area with two Stagecoach gold routes operating from Hesketh to Greater Desmond, these routes will be ai only however, these may be playable in the future. I aim for 3 routes in the final release, however there could be more:
  • 1 - Desmond City Bus Station - Burnvale Park & Ride (15-20 minutes)
  • 500 - Stowten Interchange - Yew Tree Retail Park (30-40 minutes)
  • 582 - Stowten Interchange - Desmond City Bus Station (with different terminating points due to times) (60-70 minutes)
Please note: All questions about release dates, beta testing and updates will be ignored.
Can I have BETA?
No, BETA testers will be chosen when the time comes. In other words, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

When is this going to be released?
It will be released when it's released. Don't worry, i'll let you all know.

What company(ies) will be operating on the map?

Where in the UK is this map set?
England, It's a fictional map so, the general area.

Once the map is released, will you continue to work on it/add more routes and update it?
Possibly, we'll see won't we!

What routes are on the map?
Look above, it is stated there.

Please note all screenshots are WIP and if they are lacking scenery it will be added:
View attachment 39439View attachment 39440View attachment 39441View attachment 39442View attachment 39443View attachment 39444

To keep up to date with progress, take a visit to my discord server, which just happens to have an Stowtenxbridge attached:

I do OMSI 2 videos and streams and some occasional development streams.
Rhys Stirling

Rhys stirling

a B10' lad
May 4, 2016
Hi all sorry I have not posted any updates but I have been on holiday in France and Belgium
Thank you all for understanding.

Work on Stowten has now continued and I am starting to be happy with the looks of Molyneux Industrial Estate just off the A949.

Over the next few weeks there will be a steady increase in updates if all goes to plan however if I need any time off the map for what ever reason I will let you all know.

Rhys stirling

a B10' lad
May 4, 2016
Right Over the past few days I have been working on a repaint for one of the new service. The 662, this is based off the Transdev 662 between Keighley and Bradford. I have always liked this livery and thought I'd recreate it for use in my map. (Yes i know the roof is not lined up, this will be sorted.
The 662 will go between Stowten and Molyneux which will be a small town via Bryn.