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Hi everyone,

Sure many of you will have seen already but for anyone that hasn't the summer Sale is on on Steam, with most games AND DLCs having a discount, definitely worth a look!

-All bar the very newest (Hamburg and Bad Hugelsdorf) OMSI DLCs seem to be -30% - good chance to pick up the UK buses under £10 each

- ETS2 and ATS similarly with 30% off including the newest map addons

Something to note I've noticed over the years, if you own some but not all DLC the bundles can give you a bit extra, for example see here for me to buy the Black Sea ETS2 map is cheaper with 2 supporting DLC due to the bundle discount than the solo map itself! Only 20p here but it's worth something and especially for game bundles!


If anyone else notices any good deals feel free to post here!
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Was hyped for this sale, had money, until I learnt all Train Simulator DLC didn't go on sale as much as their "Midweek madness" sale, meaning the thing I wanted I couldn't buy, so i'm getting somethine else instead.
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