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An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

This update is a small set of fixes to the client released earlier this week. It includes the following new fixes.

  • Fixed some large SteamWorkshop mods causing some users to run out of memory and crash on update
  • Fixed and simplified PayPal purchase path in Big Picture mode
  • Steamworks: Fixed timeouts uploading leaderboard scores for games that update scores very frequently

  • Windows
    • Fixed regression with AppOverlay.dll causing compatibility issues with some applications

  • The following changes from the prior update will also be new if you have not already updated recently.

    • Added support for regional EULAs
    • Improved caching of leaderboard API requests
    • Improved handling of warnings on unrecognized links in chat
    • Fixed bug causing Windows service log message "Error: Failed to poke open firewall"
    • Fixed installing games from older retail discs
    • Fix message shown when you unblock someone
    • Improved keyboard accessibility in block/unblock success dialog
    • Fixed removing empty sub folders after game updates
    • Fixed SteamGuard UI problem preventing login in rare configurations
    • Fixed launching games dialog getting stuck in "Preparing to launch..." state
    • Fixed installed apps detecting content updates
    • Fixed inability to install games or force updates outside of the auto-update time window, if specified
    • Fixed repeated attempts to apply pending updates to a game that is currently running

  • Windows
    • Improved Steam overlay compatibility with 64-bit games, especially under Windows 8.1
    • Fixed a hang that occurred when opening the overlay for the second time in some games

  • Mac OS X
    • Improved initial startup time when launching Steam
    • Fixed crash in some newer games when launched from Steam

  • Linux + SteamOS
    • Updated the steam-runtime for Ubuntu 14.04 compatibility
    • Fixed potential hang when using certain UI toolkits that relied on SIGCHLD
    • Fixed a game crash occurring when more than ten processes were attached to the Steam overlay, fixing "CID The Dummy" on Linux
    • Added support for setting voice input device in Big Picture

  • Big Picture
    • Load correct localized eula if the language changes in the Choose Language panel
    • Fix progress % displayed for items that are queued for download
    • Fixed a bug in Web browser where big pages would be erroneously clamped
    • Fixed UI for pre-loading games
    • Added login help support for forgotten password and account name

  • Virtual Reality Mode
    • Added “Virtual Reality mode” to the View menu and removed the –vr command line option. This will only appear if SteamVR is installed and if a supported HMD is detected
    • Added support for switching from desktop mode to VR, then back to desktop and into Big Picture
    • Added support for detecting when an HMD has been plugged in after Steam has started
    • When running in VR mode Steam will now open only the VR window and not the normal Big Picture window
    • Moved VR mode log files under the Steam client install directory

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