Starting a new project?


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Jan 16, 2016
There's arguably never too many being developed too though, however. To be honest there wouldn't be enough buses if we all did one each, and the Solo is a favourite. They'll all be to different grade/preference, some of them might be Slimline, others might be W I D E B O I S however... ;)


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Oct 25, 2016
Hello everyone, Lately I promised everyone Sootford will be the chosn map to made, that`s what im doing very soon.
Im planning to start the map somewhere about the 9th or 11th of July so anything can happen, More information will be made soon

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Apr 20, 2018
I would love to see a map stretching from Bath to Wells, using routes 172, 173, 174 & 179. However with no experience on map creating & not having the time to do create a map for omsi, i thought it would be a nice suggestion for any keen map makers to consider :) .

Operator : First Bus

172 Bath - Paulton via Midsomer Norton -- Every 30 mins (50 min journey)
173 Bath - Wells via Midsomer Norton & Chilcompton -- Every 60 Minutes (90 minute Journey) ------ Routes can probs be scaled down to around half the time.
174 Bath - Wells via Midsomer Norton & Shepton Mallet -- Every 60 Minutes (80 minute Journey)
179 Bath - Paulton Tesco via Timsbury -- Every 120 Minutes -- (30 Minute Journey)
41 Odd Down P&R -- Every 10 minutes -- (10 Minute journey)

172, 173 & 174 in Mendip Xplorer Livery, 179 in Standard First bus. P&R in P&R Livery.

Wright Eclipse 1, Wright Eclipse 2, Wright Gemini 1, Wright Streetdeck. (MXP) -- Wells Depot
Enivro 200,, ALX400, Wright Eclipse 1, Wright Gemini 1 (Olympia & Barbie) -- Bath Depot
Wright Eclipse 1 (Badgerline) -- Wells Depot
Enviro 400, Wright Gemini 2 & Wright Streetdeck (Bath P&R Livery) -- Bath Depot

Note - 179 only uses Enviro 200.

These are all lovely rural routes & it would be really nice to see them in Omsi 2 in the future., So, for any keen map makers looking for an interesting project, or just someone wanting to give map making a go, I thought this would be a nice suggestion & possible future project. If anyone does give this a go, good luck & ill support you all the way! :)
Im thinking of expanding cotterell to do the 174 in a more fictional style. It will be based off of it. Let me know what you think . I already have a selection of MendipXplorer and P&R repaints.
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Apr 5, 2018
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Im thinking of expanding cotterell to do the 174 in a more fictional style. It will be based off of it. Let me know what you think . I already have a selection of MendipXplorer and P&R repaints.
Sounds like a nice idea! You may want to re-build parts of cotterell as well. Also if you do ever have the time, try do the 172 (my local route) as well :) - its a reasonably simple route. But like only do what you want to do. It would be really nice to see the mendip xplorer routes in omsi, and the 174 is a really nice route, i've travelled on it a couple of times.

Also odd down P&R in bath (Cotterell) would be a nice idea as its a very short route. But yeah, its all up to you for what you decide to build if you do go ahead with the project.
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Jul 24, 2018
Im thinking of expanding cotterell to do the 174 in a more fictional style. It will be based off of it. Let me know what you think . I already have a selection of MendipXplorer and P&R repaints.
That would be an excellent choice of route (Slightly biased as it's my local route XD) Good Luck with it, if you do it
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Oct 25, 2016
My biggest factor is starting I tried making Chingford Bus station as a starting point but got the scale wrong.


Gud Ebening
Nov 12, 2018
How do you make mountain roads, bridges and all of that, I'm trying to make my map a bit more interesting


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Apr 14, 2019
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G'day from Australia

I want to fix a problem with one of my favourite maps out there for OMSI, mainly because it's close to home and I lived there for 15 years - The only Aussie map we have hasn't got any of its own Aussie buses to go with it. Now I debated with myself what would be the best bus to make based on the map and real life and try to remove as much bias for other buses I like more but I decided to delve deep into the world of making buses for OMSI and present (for those who live elsewhere) the Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II"!

To skip the background info (although if you're not from Aus you may find it interesting to read, up to you) on the bus, scroll to the second --------

In the mid 2000s, STA ordered 505 new buses to be bodied by Custom Coaches with their new "CB60 Evo II" bodywork to replace their reliable but aging fleet of Mercedes Benz O305s dating back to the mid-1980s. 255 of the 505 were to have the Mercedes O500LE CNG chassis while the remaining 250 were to be built on the Volvo B12BLE Euro 5 (over here because STA have the DH12D and DH12E B12s we refer to them as Euro 3 and Euro 5 respectively in case that's just a Sydney thing) chassis, with the Volvo order quickly being increased to 270, bringing the total order to 525 new buses for Sydney. In addition, 20 or so of the O500 orders were changed from CNG orders to Diesel orders instead, with these initially being delivered new to Brookvale until swapped them for B12s from the order delivered new to Randwick Depot in the Eastern Suburbs a couple of years later.
The Mercedes "gassies" (as they are affectionately known) are fitted with a 6sp ZF 6HP502 automatic transmission, and the Mercedes diesels have a 6sp ZF 6HP594. The Volvo B12s are either fitted with a 4sp Voith DIWA 864.5; such as most of Mona Vale's; or a 6sp ZF - the majority of the ZF B12s feature a 6HP604C, however some; such as Mona Vale's 2039 ST; feature a 6HP592C.
None of the depots on the map have the equipment to host the O500 CNG vehicles, however they all have large quantities of the B12s.

Another reason I chose this bus is because Forest operate it on B7RLE (D7E/'EcoLifeless') and O500LE diesel chassis, meaning small modifications to the model to change it from State Transit spec to Forest spec is all that's needed for you to be able to operate the CB60 Evo II out of every depot in Manly Act Three. These buses are commonly seen on the 280, 136, 155 and just about every 22x, 23x and 24x route included with the map, in my view making them a perfect first bus for Australia in the world of OMSI.

I've tried before to make this bus or just a bus in general for OMSI but have always found Blender to difficult - however this time I'm determined to learn Blender. So far I've gotten further than I ever have before as you can see in the screenshots from the Blender file for the bus that I've managed to get the diagrams into Blender and where I want them so that's a positive I guess. I included some of my photos of the Volvo variant of the bus around Sydney (I tried to pick ones from depots in Manly though aha) so you can see what the bus should look like when it's done. If you've driven Act Three since it was released recently, you might even recognise a few details and places in the photos! And also, any tips or tricks on modelling buses in Blender would be greatly appreciated as I'm kind of trudging through the whole thing partially blind haha.

Just to finish off I realise this is kind of long for this thread so my apologies about that I'll make sure I'm shorter next time!

CB60 Evo II blender diagrams.PNG CB60 Evo II diagram in blender.jpg 1878-st--f098--wynyard-carrington-st--layover--91018_46335376144_o.jpg 2079-st--v050--wynyard-york-st--not-in-service--91018_46145615855_o.jpg 2088-st---l032---balmain-east-wharf---balmain-east-wharf-445-terminated---24218_42103509441_o.jpg 2252-st--b038--macquarie-centre--hurstville-410--15719_48360551346_o.jpg 2328-st--n065--wynyard-york-st--city-wynyard-243-terminated--91018_47007085152_o.jpg bridge-bus_45602232554_o.jpg mo-4974n109milsons-pointspit-junction-230121218_46335480991_o.jpg mo-4978--n028--wynyard-carrington-st--taronga-zoo-247--10818_40094319683_o.jpg rush-hour--mo-4966--wynyard_40094306393_o.jpg