Stagecoach Retro Skin Static London Citybus

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gaminghydraulics submitted a new file:

Stagecoach Retro Skin Static London Citybus - Stagecoach Retro Skin for London Citybus Static

Here is the London Citybus 400R Static Vehicle in Stagecoach Retro/Stripes by Whiskey.Stuffs. Who has gave me permission to use/upload the file with it.

This folder contains 2 images of what it looks like, the file and a read me of credits what it is and installation instructions.

Here's How to use this file

1) Download
2) Open Folder
3)Navigate to you SceneryObjects Folder
3a) Windows - Programmes (x86) - Steam - Steamapps - common - OMSI 2 - SceneryObjects
4)Either Drag and Drop or Copy...
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