Stagecoach Repaint Pack for MAN Lion's City A21

Repaints Stagecoach Repaint Pack for MAN Lion's City A21 V1.0

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The Audi Veg
May 19, 2016
Jason submitted a new file:

Stagecoach Repaint Pack for MAN Lion's City A21 - Stagecoach's Paint Department has been hard at work again, this time for the MAN Lion's City A21...

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Stagecoach is one of the main bus operators in the United Kingdom and runs a wide variety of vehicles on their fleet. Whilst there is a wide range of Stagecoach liveries available for UK-based buses, there aren't many modern repaints available for LHD vehicles that are used on older UK-themed maps such as Bowdenham. However, this repaint pack hopes to change that.

If you haven't already tried out the Lion's City A21 (which is superb, by the way), you can...
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