Stagecoach Repaint Megapack for Transbus Trident ALX400

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Stagecoach Repaint Pack for Transbus Trident ALX400 - A special pack for one of Stagecoach's most iconic vehicles...

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The Dennis Trident ALX400 first blasted its way into the bus scene back in 1997/1998 and became one of Britain's most popular buses for over 9 years. Many operators bought ALX400 bodied vehicles, from Volvo and DAF based to the good, old fashioned Dennis Trident, which was Stagecoach's weapon of choice. Until this day, even the oldest Tridents can still be found in service, with many younger models still being used as the main workhorse of the fleet. With this...
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I know that you really aren't supposed to ask questions such as this, but is an update for the Regional in the works? I absolutely understand if you have studies and exams that are putting you off OMSI liveries for now, and I will patiently wait if that is the case, it's just that my copy of the ALX400 has been sorely missing a Stagecoach repaint, and, well, that's a part of our local Stagecoach division that I would love to represent for the Regional edition someday.


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The Exeter P&R livery on the London Variant (not sure if the regional has it) has the new depot address (from 2017) on it. At the time the livery was used, the depot was at Belgrave Road at the Bus Station.
Oh, and the 'Honinton Road' text at the rear...
Other than that, This is an amazing pack and is amazing for scenarios which makes me happy.
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@OverlordMawil Yeah. That, and one of the two Exeter Park & Ride skins also say "Exceter" in the selection menu, the "c" should be gone. ;)
But yes, I have to agree with the Overlord. It's an amazing, amazing pack with quality skins! Thanks a lot for creating it! :D

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