Splines & blender

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Rhys stirling

a B10' lad
May 4, 2016
Could someone help me au I would like to know how to make my own splines in blender but I don't no where to start


An Orange Bus
Dec 10, 2015
Well first off you close Blender because you don't make splines in Blender.
Open up a spline in Notepad and you'll see it's just a plain-text file. The only tutorial for making splines has unfortunately disappeared from the internet, so without me writing another (it's on my long list of tutorials to write) I can't link you to one. :(

Mystic Greg

Veteran Member
May 22, 2016
You could have a look into using the Spline Creator (Website seems to be down right now) to make splines. It's quite handy to see a visual guide on what you are currently trying to make.
The whole program is in German unfortunutely but there are videos on how to use it. :)