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It's been a while since I've driven in ETS2, it's been even longer since I've authored an actual review. Here's my thoughts on the new Special Cargo DLC...

Initially I was excited to climb aboard the top-of-the-range TruckSim Scania V8 and hitch up to a 20m long and 6m wide behemoth of a construction frame (the largest load you can haul in the new DLC) and the first delivery was incredibly empowering. Escorted by two T5 Transporters the whole way and police presence on every junction to halt traffic, I felt untouchable. As a matter of fact, the trailer is almost untouchable. In the new DLC, of course, all the wheels are counter-steered; as you turn right, the trailer will swing left to give you a perfect turn... So you don't need to swing wide on turns or take any particular caution on the 90-degree junctions... Or the 270 degree junctions off highways. Honestly, I'm not sure what I expected, I didn't seem to need too much skill to take on such a mammoth task.

Sure, with a trailer that's hanging a meter over either side of your truck, of course you can hit stuff. Turning in to a vehicle which gave way to you will of course incur damage and hanging over the solid white on the side of a B-road will scrape your valuables. Sounds painful! And it is, because more than likely, you'll fail the job instantly. I'm still interested to know how two T5 Transporters can disappear with 50 tons of cargo; surely if they could do it they wouldn't need us!

Taking one of the lighter loads, I could put on speed easier and enjoy the roads more. It felt like I was dragging a digger on a low-loader to be fair, but perhaps I'm too used to the dimensions of the larger loads and truck positioning already? Credit where it's due, SCS Software's development team has gone next-level on the detail once again. Shadows, lines, grains on the steel... It's all perfect. Even the Escort Vehicles don't look like they're in a game, it looks like they're straight up driven the loads and vehicles into the computer screen and gone "there you go.".

And for the parking lovers like me... You'll never park the trailer. Not properly. Instead you'll drive it to the entrance of the mining pit, drop the legs and "Excellent!".

(Like a good) But... The huge loads do look great on the back of your truck and once you pick up that trailer you will feel the immensity of it compared to a reefer, no doubt. How every vehicle coming your way and people passing you on the highway will keep well clear to avoid scratching their paintwork, (much to our insurance company's delight) the DLC does have the cool factor. This DLC is cool. That's pretty much all there is to it.

There's a lack of skill required to haul the cargoes, the routes aren't very long or interesting. You don't need to park them. But it's cool. And that's why I'd still recommend you buy it or gift it to your mate for Christmas, because at £3.99 (the average price of a Costa coffee at an M1 service station), it's worth it and I'll no doubt haul plenty more.
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