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Sparky Logistics

Sparky Logistics is a new VTC, delivering across Europe and England.

Status: Currently HIRING


Sparky Logistics is a Virtual Trucking Company that runs through Euro Truck Simulator 2. We offer state of the art trucks to all of our drivers, all fully serviced and ready to tackle the job. We are always looking for ways to meet and also exceed your expectations. With Sparky, you can rest at ease knowing a professional driver is handling your goods in a smart, economical and efficient way, meaning you receive your delivery on time, every time.

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MrRandomCapital - CEO

The boring stuff:
You can use your own truck, with your own paint-job, or use our livery (above).
When filling in log books, please be honest and accurate. You won't be penalized for being late or crashing (by accident).
Please don't apply for admin or manager, if you are performing well within the company, you will be promoted.


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