Southern Enterprises Inc.


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Dec 1, 2017
Howdy folks, how are you? We at Southern Enterprises Inc. are now recruiting drivers and managers for Realistic Roleplay as well as "hammer down and boogie" events alike! We just started the company but we are already moving in the ranks. Friday we were 8th in the 180-RACE miles on trucks book and now are14th but we will be changing that tonight :) (links will be below) we are a friendly and a organized group of guys and would like to be a well known and Respected company in the days to come. I have a list of ways to get ahold of me down below as well as information on our Company! We do not have a website and will not have one, so no other sign ups other then trucks book and its client! We prefer to have our drivers to be at least 17 and older.


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I stream Tuesday - Saturday all through out the days. usually early morning to late nights

Hope to hear from you soon! Thank You for your time!