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Jan 28, 2018
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Southern California transport is more than just a vtc we are a family that look out for each other on and off ats we are looking to extend our family to anyone that is tired of just being a body and a number in a large vtc and want to come to a smaller more personal where everyone knows who you are and care about you as a person

what we offer at sct is updated company skins ifta clean idle decals owner operator opportunities after one month of membership 24hr dispatch bill of laden submission forms for those who like to realistically role play

we also have 24 hour driver chats available as an alternative for discord or team speak for those who do like voice chat

we also have multi player events as it is not apart of our daily operations but it gives us something else to do with other gamers

we also use logging an edit of the realistic 70/8 day work week at sct we operate off of 70hrs and a 30hr in game restart along with other realistic things from our real driver members and management

if interested please head over to our website