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Are you the best trucker out there? We invite you to come prove it...

South West Trucking VTC is a new-comer to the VTC community, however don't let that put you off.
With an ever expanding team of highly trained and experienced staff, we are also a proud member of The Snowball Group, so we have access to all the info, tips and tricks we need to become one of the best VTC's on TruckersMP, which we very much intend to be.

We are looking to recruit a manager, so there's a strong chance of promotion if you apply as soon as possible!

Want to join the community?
Simply apply via joining the Discord


- Must be able to speak, read and understand fluent English
- Must have access to the Trucks Book network
- You must have your own Discord account
- You must have read and understood the TruckersMP rules

Feel free to join our Discord to find out more:
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