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May 2020: SPACE!!!!
Eight whole months... Yeesh, where has the time gone since our last SotM! The theme for May 2020 will be Space!

Please read through this post, as some things have changed this time around!

Submit your screenshot by posting it in this thread - the winning image(s) will be visible to everyone in the header on the front page of the forums.

We are encouraging you to show us something that you would consider Space related in ANY GAME of your choosing! Get creative!

The winner(s), as always, will be decided in a public poll.

The rules are simple:
  • Each member may only enter one screenshot (we'll take whichever image you submit last).
  • Please reserve the submissions thread for screenshots only - no general discussion is permitted.
  • You can interpret the theme however you like, in any game or simulator you wish, but the connection to the theme should be intuitive.
  • Each member must provide a short description of why their screenshot meets the chosen theme.
  • Last month's winner(s) cannot win again this month, but can still enter.
  • Content that breaks the forum rules is of course not permitted (this includes swearing).
What you get:
  • Your screenshot displayed on the homepage for a whole month!
  • Your friends envy and respect.
  • A limited-edition badge for SoTM 05/2020 (All participants will get one, and the winner gets an exclusive badge!)

The deadline for submissions is the 30 April 2020 at 23:59 UTC.
Winners will be chosen via Public Poll by May 3rd, 2020, The winners screenshot will be put on display May 4th, until the next SotM contest concludes.

Join the discussion thread!

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It’s a warm, tranquil summer night in Brighton.

The COSMIC Universe above, that transforms the Earth into a spec in contrast to all that we will ever know, transforms the sky into a painting of purple and blue.

On the busy bus lane of North Street, three Brighton & Hove Wright bus StreetLites, delivered to the Go-Ahead operator by @reverseidle, from Ballymena, spread across the road.

Each one has its own little cosmos of branding: The ROUTE 28/29, taking your spaceship of adventure all the way up to Tunbridge Wells. The METRO 27, Cruising from the city down to the sapphire coast, controlled by the power of the moon above, and unbranded, a reminder that even simple can be pretty.


This entry was joint by both @Ddogb and I. Hopefully you like it, and sorry for going on with the description :)
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The moon shines over Seaside valley depot. (I only chose bus sim 18 as its quick to load and no my monitor is not 4:3) as the 4 gets ready to head out on the Outer Circle. The new Solaris Urbino 12 fleet number 042 is a new company addition and is about to head out on the busy friday night shift.


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Announcing the addition of Badges to the SoTM Contest:

This badge will be awarded to all participants with a successful entry to the contest, Badges will be awarded when Polling begins.
The winner(s) will be the sole recipient of this badge!

Badges can be displayed on your profile in multiple spots on Fellowsfilm, More to come on this soon!
Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 12.55.59_enhance.png

JX99 FAY is awaiting departure from Testrington Train Station on the final leg of the journey Pondlestead, which is situated on the south coast of Caldshire.
It is very early in the morning, and some stars are still visible in the slowly brightening skies. The roads are empty, the air is cold and the passengers are scarce.
The bus's driver had slightly bent the speed limits on her way here, so the service is a few minutes early. Most people are still asleep, but some people such as First Caldshire's bus drivers that are running their early shift have to be wide awake and vigilant, despite the seemingly empty roads.



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Is it the Earth ? I don't know.
Looking at the the truck, it feels like it...
But I know for sure that two giant purple planets aren't usual. And a huge comet appearing from the endless sky ? I mean.. come on !

(Sorry for my poor edit skills lol)
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SoTM entry has officially ended for May 2020

Voting thread will open momentarily, Badges will be issued shortly.
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