SotM March 2018: "Vintage" - Submissions

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An Orange Bus
Dec 10, 2015
March 2018: Vintage
As decided by last month's winner (iomex), the theme for this month's 'Screenshot of the Month' contest is Vintage.

Submit your screenshot by posting it in this thread - the winning image will be visible to everyone in the header image on the front page of the forums.

The winner, as always, will be decided in a public poll.​

The rules are simple:
  • Each member may only enter one screenshot (we'll ignore all but the last screenshot you submit).
  • Please reserve the submissions thread for screenshots only - no general discussion is permitted.
  • You can interpret the theme however you like, in any game or simulator you wish.
  • Last month's winner cannot win again this month.
  • Content that breaks the forum rules is of course not permitted (this includes swearing).
The deadline for submissions is the 31st March 2018 at 22:00 UTC.

Best of luck! :cool:

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Ah yes, the Boeing 737-200, a truly vintage aircraft as far as 737s go. Introduced in June 1967, the -200 was part of the "Original" series of 737s. With 1,095 of these aircraft delivered by 1988, only 99 of them were in service in 2015.
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