SotM January 2018: "Long Haul" - Submissions

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An Orange Bus
Dec 10, 2015
January 2018: Long Haul
As decided by last month's winner (THE PH6NT0M), the theme for this month's 'Screenshot of the Month' contest is Long Haul.

Submit your screenshot by posting it in this thread - the winning image will be visible to everyone in the header image on the front page of the forums.

The winner, as always, will be decided in a public poll.​

The rules are simple:
  • Each member may only enter one screenshot (we'll ignore all but the last screenshot you submit).
  • You can interpret the theme however you like, in any game or simulator you wish.
  • Last month's winner cannot win again this month.
  • Content that breaks the forum rules is of course not permitted (this includes swearing).
The deadline for submissions is the 31st January 2018 at 22:00 UTC.

Best of luck! :cool:


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Apr 5, 2016
British Airways 777-200 (G-ZBAV) just over Goose Bay, Canada on it's way back to London Heathrow as BA112/BAW40F on another transatlantic longhaul From John F. Kennedy (New York). ETE was 5:50, actual flight time was 5:48, thanks to some very strong tailwinds over the atlantic.

Capture 27A.PNG
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Jan 29, 2016
On an E400.PNG

Here we see Salisbury Reds 1020. This bus has been repainted in an orignial color scheme to celebrate 100 years of Wilts and Dorset. This is seen half way through a Long Haul trip on the X5 to Bullington and is stopped in a little village called Zeals
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