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December 2020: Festivities

As chosen by the staff team, the theme for December's SotM is Festivities. Submit your screenshot by posting it in this thread - the winning image(s) will be visible to everyone in the header on the front page of the forums. Be creative, use ANY GAME of your choosing!

The winner(s), as always, will be decided in a public poll.​

The rules are simple:
  1. Each member may only enter one screenshot (we'll take whichever image you submit last).
  2. Please reserve the submissions thread for screenshots only - no general discussion is permitted.
  3. You can interpret the theme however you like, in any game or simulator you wish, but the connection to the theme should be intuitive.
  4. You must provide a title or short description explaining how their screenshot meets the chosen theme.
  5. Content that breaks the forum rules is of course not permitted (this includes swearing). Additionally, the screenshot must be your own.
The deadline for submissions is Sunday, 29th November at 00:00 UTC.

Winners will be chosen via Public Poll and the winning screenshot will be put on display until the next SotM competition concludes.

Good luck! :cool:



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Christmas festivities are on the way! 🎁


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The usual festive celebrations aren't going into place on Eden Street in Kingston this year due to the pandemic, however a London United driver attempts to cheer up any passengers he will collect by wearing a Santa costume, as he approaches the bus station in one of the new E200MMC's on a miserable, rainy December morning

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