SotM April 2016: Change

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Submit us a screenshot based on a certain theme, and we'll have a poll for your favourite. We'll then use the winning shot as the forum banner for the rest of the next month! (Though we may veto the winner if we think one of the others would fit better - don't worry, we'll still let people know you won!)

The rules:

  • One submission per person
  • No voting for yourself (when we open the poll) - please be a good sport  :)
  • You can interpret the theme however you like, in any sim you want
  • You cannot win two months in a row. By all means submit another shot after winning, but we won't us it. This is to make things a bit fairer on everyone.
  • No obscenity, rampant racism, etc, etc...

Deadline is the last day of each month. The winner will be picked by a poll over the next week and gets to choose the next theme for the following month!

This month's theme is "Change" which was chosen by March winner @btv.
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A "change" of scenery for the B9TL in Coterell:

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A 'change' in weather and perspective as we go to the passengers view at Bathwick Hill Co-op on the 3rd March 2016. With the U18 being late due to snow, the passengers were excited when they heard the roar of a B9TL coming up the hill, only to be disappointed by the fact that it was the X18! All passengers were late for University - oh no!  :D

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I call this "Changing of the guard"

How does it signify change?

- This car is from 2002, which is an eternity ago. The Jaguar team became Red Bull

- It's sunrise, so it's the change to a new day

- I was changing gear at the time

- I was changing the direction I was steering

- I'd just changed my graphics settings

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Ahhhh.... Back on Farthington. Tonight on Farthington was a very rainy night and i mean a VERY rainy night. National Express West Midlands have recently purchased some Volvo B5L's to work on the route 001 From Farthington Bus Station to The Bus Depot. NXWM have found out that these new hybrid B5L's are very unreliable and keep breaking down on the route. Here in this picture we see a Enviro400 take over the last service that the B5L was meant to do. It's 10PM everything was dark, gloomy and the B5L is waiting for a tow back to the Bus Depot...... "Change" National Express West Midlands have taken over the whole network of bus routes on Farthington. Kestrel Motor Services had money issues and had to sell up all their vehicles etc.... :D View attachment 318
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Here, IBC's 5 CEV has been freshly painted into training livery leaving IBC's depot for training duties. It's a change of duties for 5 CEV, as well as a change of day since it is midnight. The new bus driver requested his training at that time, so he needs a change of brain!

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