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Hello everyone I hope your all well and good and happy and hope you have a great day week and weekend,

So whats the problem you might ask well basically I have got 2 problems I would like to inquire about ,  And one of them is I have my omsi 2 Settings up on full my computer seems to take it fine but the problem I am getting is that when i look down and zoom in to the ticket machine and change when i look back up everything is white and re-buffering. is there a way to fix this as I Do think I have the right setting's See picture 1 of 2 Enclosed,

The second thing I was wondering is on the Volvo B9TL Gemini 2 By AD156 The Go north east variants and Arriva both have a Change machine and the First and allot of the others all have a try what i was wondering is if i could add this change machine to all the Gemini's and if it would be hard as i find it allot easier to give change as it has wrote on what coins are what :)..

Thank you in advance for any help and all the Help I Have already received from this forum for omsi 2

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Re the Gemini 2 you can do this in the repaint file. It's a setvar I think. You'll need to look through it, however if you're stuck you can PM me and I'll see what i can do.


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When Omsi loads content, it seems to load the textures last, therefore objects appear in the scene in a white untextured appearance until the texture is loaded. This is likely what you're seeing when looking up from the ticketmachine. There's no fix for this, it's just something that happens. :)
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