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SCS Software said:
We haven't produced a blog post for a while now, sorry! The team is hard at work on finalizing the fixes of bugs reported by the community during our current Steam Beta of 1.14 Update so that we can finally release it properly.

However today we'd like to show you something different:
As we've mentioned before on our blog, our audio team is working on re-recording sounds for the range of trucks featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2. The setup and procedure is now so thorough that it may even take 2 days to record all we need!

There is no particular prioritized list of trucks that we could follow, instead we record the vehicles as they become available to us. During the past two weeks, the trips of our team resulted in capturing new sets of sounds for the two trucks pictured below - Iveco Stralis Hi-Way and new Mercedes Actros 1845.
New recording setup allows our sound engineer to capture humming of the engine and noises in detail previously not available in our game.
The whole truck sound system is being refined, which involves changes in programming, in data structures, and of course lots of new sfx files. New audio samples will be added to the game in one of future updates.
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Looking good with the audio update. Didn't really know it could get even better!

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