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Welcome to Small Babs Big Trucks!!! A fresh new VTC aiming at younger audiences and/or AB+DL people!! Of course everyone is welcome, this group is mainly for AB+DL people. Feel free to join, make new friends, and an awesome community full of nice, well mannered people, and also make many new friends!!

I am currently looking for a Co-Owner to help manage the Discord Server I'm currently setting up, you MUST be able to work well with others, dedicated, motivated, and most of all, kind..

I am also looking for people who are interested in becoming a part of the Events Team, including a Event Manager, and Convoy Control for events!! You are required to participate at all event making process, and attending all events!!

I am also looking for DRIVERS!!!! The main core of this VTC!!! If you have ATS or ETS2, then please feel free to join!!! The only requirement is that you have one or both of these games as we will have events in BOTH games!!!

Please feel free to join my Discord Server, and ask as many questions as possible, the more help I can get the better!!! Thanks!!!



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