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The Baron
If lately, you have been struggling to access the website, this is the e-mail that I have received from the company that provides our servers:

What we have observed so far, is that the connection is broken of at a node in the middle of the network pathway (in between some internet providers and our datacenter). This issue is quite difficult to deal with since the source of it is out of our reach. We will make sure to communicate with the relevant parties and try to resolve this issue as soon as possible. We understand the inconvenience this is causing you and we are trying to resolve the issue as swiftly as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Whilst the problem is out of our control, we will do our best to ensure contact and keep you all informed with any changes.

Myself and @Max apologise for any inconvenience.

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No problems here @Muzz but hopefully you get it sorted. See my screenshot I sent you on FB, you might like it :D

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