Skullcandy Crushers

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Jul 30, 2014
So I went college shopping Sunday and I needed a new pair of headphones. We went to Best Buy last and went over to the headphones section and I was browsing for a bit. Then, this line caught my attention:
Warning! Bass you can feel!

I was thinking, "Headphones never have bass you can feel! I'll try them." They're $99 bucks, but they are definitely fun. The sound quality in itself actually is rather good, and I only slightly regret buying them. I feel $65 would be more appropriate as similar priced headphones have better sound quality.

The thing is, you can feel the bass. It's almost uncomfortable if you turn it all the way up and crank up the volume on a bass-heavy song. Luckily, you can turn it all the way off so it doesn't rumble anymore which no longer uses the battery. (The bass function requires one AA battery to operate.) I really like it when watching a movie and a building collapses or an explosion goes off and you can feel your ears shaking. It's almost like you're in the theatre!

One thing I've noticed is that the volume doesn't turn up that loud. There's no volume switch to roll so it goes solely by the device volume it's plugged in to. It has an in-line mic so you can make calls with a phone or something similar. Overall, they are a fun headphone and I'll keep them for a long time.

They have comfortable ear cushions too for hours of continuous wear!
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