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Hello, and welcome to a new company called "SKOVERN Logistics ltd." We are now recruiting as this is a new company and we need Drivers, Managers, and Organisers to help our Company grow. We would also like Website Managers to create a Website for people to get an application to join our Company as for now they will fill an application via steam chat.

There are certain (optional) Requirements though such as the 'Mighty Griffin' DLC and the Scandinavia DLC. You will also have to go through training if your not an experienced driver on an empty server (Not Optional.) Its okay if you don't have the required DLC's, you just wont be able to take part in ALL of our company deliveries.

Our Trucks:

Scania Streamline engine: 580 or 730 hp V8

Volvo FH16 2012 engine: 500 - 700 hp euro 6

Pictures Unavailable...

MAN TGX 680 hp Euro 6

Pictures Unavailable...

Hope to hear from you soon, Safe Journeys...

- George
from SKOVERN Logistics ltd.
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Welcome aboard and good luck to your VTC! :)

(I embedded that picture for you - just click the little photo icon in the editor and paste in the link. To get an image link, right click on it and hit "View image", then copy from the address bar).

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