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Dec 10, 2015
Apologies for our extended downtime, some complex issues became apparent during the upgrade rollout which meant we couldn't fully reopen as scheduled, we are working hard to fix these.

We have been hard at work behind the scenes preparing the new theme and some new add-ons for you to enjoy, I'm not going to go into the boring stuff so here's what's new:

You can now react to individual posts by clicking the "double thumb" image, this will open up a larger menu with a few different reactions for you to choose from:

Reactions appear just underneath a post under a users signature, this also ties in with a users reputation on the forums. You can see your reaction "ratio" by clicking on your username in the top menu and it is displayed next to "Reactions" (Shown in red), it displays the positive, neutral and negative reactions you have been given.
[Note: likes should have been carried over to the new forums]
Once a user has reacted, you can click "show all" and it will display a very colourful bar of all the reactions:


Q&A Threads
You can now create Q&A threads and vote for the best answer (Currently only available in the OMSI Help section)
Any user can upvote or downvote a reply to one of these threads, as the creator of the thread you have the ability to mark an answer as "best answer" this will help anyone searching for the same answer to your question in the future (It will also move the reply directly under the first post)

One of the highest requested features is the ability to upload multiple files to downloads, this is now possible to do with ease. You can attach as many files as you like when creating or adding updates to your files!

Current Known Issues
We are currently aware of the following issues that we are working to resolve as soon as possible:
  • Attachments uploaded on/before November 25th 2016 are currently missing
  • There are some issues with the responsiveness of the site (specifically with the header on smaller devices/screens)

Connected Steam Accounts
As part of the upgrade we have unfortunately had to remove all external Steam account connections. If you previously registered/logged in with your Steam account, please request a new password in order to be able to login to your account again.
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