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Beta tester for Arkala/ Maker of Silver Cross
Mar 19, 2016
UPDATE 26/08/19
As I'm now back from holiday progress has been slow as there is alot going on in my personal life. However i hvae been going through the map improving some building and areas to look a bit more pleasing. So enjoy these screenshots of the new Streetdeck around Silver Cross!
Silver Cross 80.JPG
Silver Cross 81.JPG
Silver Cross 82.JPG
Silver Cross 83.JPG
SIlver Cross 84.JPG
Silver Cross 85.JPG
Silver Cross 86.JPG
Apr 29, 2018
This map looks great, it'd be really nice to have a company like Arriva run the map as they are down in essex and there isn't a map which uses Arriva as standard yet.
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Beta tester for Arkala/ Maker of Silver Cross
Mar 19, 2016
UPDATE 30/08/19
With having a few days away from SC it has given me so new inspiration and with help with my friends i have updated some areas of the map which too basic. So see below what areas have been done and where the route is off to next!

Morden Way: Originally it was just houses against the pavement here and not they have been pushed back replaced by a wall one side with the houses behind and the otherside with stairs making it muilti levelled.

Silver Cross 87.JPG

This hill is just after you exit the town and it use to be trees either side that were attached to the spline however one side has been removed to create a field
and the other is due to be remade.
Silver Cross 89.JPG

Brendon Cottages: This area has just had a minor flora update.
Silver Cross 90.JPG

A new junction before Oxham
Silver Cross 92.JPG

Oxham; The village has had muitliple upadtes with the scenery making more wider and making the the narrow road even more narrow.
Silver Cross 93.JPG
Silver Cross 94.JPG
Silver Cross 95.JPG

This is where the route is due to go past a new lake and some mountain before it start getting hilly as the route proceeds toward Maldom. As you can see its very WIP.
Silver Cross 97.JPG
Silver Cross 98.JPG

Thats it for this update i'm gonna be on and off with the project as I dont want to lose motivation for it.
So with that said I'm always open to suggestions on what i can change or add.

More regular screenshots are posted on Fulleyloves Discord which can be joined by pressing the link below
Thanks Davidsb3 :)


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Beta tester for Arkala/ Maker of Silver Cross
Mar 19, 2016
I have finally made my mind up on what operators will be in the map. For the drivable route its going to be Ensign bus company based in southern Essex. And the other operator in the map will be Silver Cross Transport which the livery will be decided on a later date!
Silver Cross 100.JPG
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Beta tester for Arkala/ Maker of Silver Cross
Mar 19, 2016
UPDATE 02/08/19Their has been quite of progress with the map lately the map has now reached Maldom one of the villages along the way! The town centre has had more scenery put into it so it now feels like a town of some sort.

This has a small redo by the narrow road by adding a elevated piece and a retaining wall making it feel more detailed.
Silver Cross 104.JPG

Silver Cross Town centre: The road around the town have been bare since the start but now i have had the motivation to do it and it looks and feels alot nicer then open flat fields.
Silver Cross 113.JPG
Silver Cross 114.JPG

Maldom: here is the new part of the map Maldom Village this has taken me quite a few hours to do and will require much much more to get it finished but the start i think is looking good,
Silver Cross 121.JPG

Silver Cross 120.JPG

Silver Cross 122.JPG
Silver Cross 123.JPG
Silver Cross 124.JPG
Silver Cross 125.JPG

Silver Cross 126.JPG

Hope you enjoyed all the screenshots. I'm getting for something special very soon and no its not release :P. Something else so once its nearer I'll let you know thanks Davidsb3.


Beta tester for Arkala/ Maker of Silver Cross
Mar 19, 2016
UPDATE 09/08019
So whats been going on?
The main thing that has happened that the map has new road textures now maing the map feels alot nicers and more professional (Thanks @Tom99962)

The map has had minor tweaks and changes like additional signage and just a general tidy up.
Overall the map at the moment is about 40% complete, however some parts of the map need updating and changing all together but that will come at a later stage

Hopefully soon more textures will be replacd and more screenshots will appear.
Thanks Davidsb3
Silver Cross 148.JPG


Beta tester for Arkala/ Maker of Silver Cross
Mar 19, 2016
UPDATE 25/09/2019
Sooooo long story short i got a full time job! So the progress on the map will slow alot but the map is still going ahead but will take alot longer.
Not much as been done to the map since the last update apart from reconstruction near the aldi shop but thats really it.
Silver Cross 151.JPG

Thanks David


Beta tester for Arkala/ Maker of Silver Cross
Mar 19, 2016
UPDATE 11/10/19
So after finally getting some time and motivation on my hands i have done quite a bit of work to the town of Silver Cross. So in the last post i said i did some Reconstruction... well it was more like tearing out 2 roads and replacing it with about 6 or 7...... why do i do this ;)

Fenix Way
Silver Cross 152.JPG

This is the first new road of the reconstruction the road starts where the old one began however thats where the similarity's end . instead of it connecting up to the aldi nice and simply it take a detour and has allowed me to expand the town quite a bit as will shown in another screenshot. the road is a heavy WIP and is lacking a lot of detail it will get it when i can be bothered :P .

London Road
Silver Cross 153.JPG
Silver Cross 154.JPG

This is the new "dual carriage way" section of the map. This has been a pain to do but has been worth it but needs a lot more work to get it any where done. But atm i am quite happy with it.

This is an Ariel view of what i have got left to make the town semi decent it will take alot of work but hopefully will be worth it!

Thats it for this update but i will leave you with a extra screenshot of V3Ds mmc at Maldom.
Thanks guys Davidsb3
Silver Cross 155.JPG