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Sierra Transport LTD. is Looking for drivers to come join our team! We are a small trucking company we opened our doors in early 2017. We have since opened offices overseas and here on the home front. Before we came together we all were freelance drivers looking for a company would fit our need but never could find one until we started our company. We are always expanding into more and more areas every day and are looking to expand our driving fleet. We are fortunate enough to have drivers and trucks located in the US and Europe to meet the demands of an ever going virtual market.
Why us??
Well, We are one of the newest VTC’s that’s in operation, we strive for nothing but the best and treat our drivers as family. We offer so much room for promotion as you move up the ranks you will have more say what happens in our VTC.

  • Must have a clean truckersMP record
  • Must be +12
  • Have a mic and own PC
  • Be active on discord and team speak
  • Work well as a team

We are also looking for,
- Application/Cargo staff ( Recruitment )
- London, Manchester Hub Managers

Please check out our Vacancies page to apply now!


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