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Hello, so after many years of contemplating buying a gaming PC I have decided that I am going to purchase one. I have had gaming laptops in the past but they haven't been too good, so i decided a desktop may be a better option.

I am on a budget and cannot afford the high-end ones over £1k and I have found a good one in Currys for £620 and it is just under £800 including a decent looking curved monitor. I will put the link below:

I will mostly use to play games such as OMSI 2, ETS2, Train Sim and potentially GTA V, FIFA etc. Basically, I am purchasing it to replace my PlayStation as well. So I wondered if this is a good option for me and if it would beat my PlayStation in terms of performance and eye-candy etc.

I appreciate any help as very confused with what i am looking for :)


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