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TrackIR is developed by a company named NaturalPoint. TrackIR is a device that help you move in-game camera using simple head movements.

This devices works well with many games including ETS and 18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker. And I will tell you how to set it up to enhance your ETS experience.

TrackIR kit comes with 2 different devices The Camera and the TrackClip which is mounted on your headset or a hat brim.

Step 1: Purchase the device from HERE.

Step 2: Install the software provided in the box or download it from HERE. And keep it updated for experiencing their latest features.

Step 3: Plugin and step up you camera. Place the camera on your monitor. Adjust the camera so that it is lined up with your TrackClip.

Step 4: Attach the TrackClip to a headset or a hat brim.

Step 5: Open the software and adjust the settings to your preference and situation.

Step 6: Make sure to run the provided software before running ETS or any other games.

Tips and Tricks

  • If using a USB hub with the device, make sure that it is externally powered (plugs into the all). For best results, do not use a USB hub.

  • Windows users must be logged in as an administrator to install the software. If you only have one user login on your computer, you probably have administrator privileges.

Useful links

TrackIR Website

If this post did not make any sense click here for more info.

List of all Games that support TrackIR are here.

Kindly tell me if you think I made a mistake in this GUIDE :)
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Couldn't recommend this device enough.
Get the TrackClip Pro if you can though as I had intermittent issues with the hat clip, and it doesn't have much range of detectable movement. Also make sure you can cover any windows behind you as the light will confuse the IR.


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If you have glasses like I do and it interferes with Track IR, go to the app under Camera and turn the light filtering threshold down until it stops detecting your glasses as a reflector. I have mine set all the way down and the hat reflectors work fine.

Also, I made a camera mod in ETS2 to set the FOV to 60 instead of 77 on all trucks (def\camera\units\[truck name].sii, camera_fov: 60). It looks more natural and with TrackIR you can move your head to look at your mirrors (like real life).
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I saw a lot of streamers using it, not only for ETS but for other games too. I think of buying it, it's not expensive at all.
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