Server Downtime (Important Info)

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Hello all.

Firstly, we can only apologise for the massive downtime we had earlier. This was due to an unfortunate technical issue that occurred with our server that meant we lost a lot of data and our entire server went offline until new drives had been fitted. 

How you are affected

None of your topics, posts or other content will be compromised or lost right up until the server failed earlier. However, uploads after our last server move (April 23rd) will be lost and you may need to re-upload profile pictures/cover images on your profile and mod uploads. We cannot recover any uploads (profile/cover pictures, uploaded attachments, mod uploads) from this date.

What exactly happened

In the early hours of the morning today (May 5th), our server encountered an immediate shutdown and started failing to boot. Our server provider was soon informed, and began investigating the situation. It turned out that our 4-drive RAID 10 drive rack had failed completely and therefore caused the server to shutdown, preventing a further fail. 

Since then, we have been moved to a completely different machine with different drives. We have been able to restore the data from our database, which includes posts, topics, members and everything apart from uploads. 

What we've changed

We've made some major changes to the way we backup our servers from now on. We have made an arrangement to have another completely separate drive added to our server where backed-up information will be held. We will also be holding large weekly backups every Friday to the cloud for extra protection against anything like this in the unlikely event it happens again.

Once again, we do sincerely apologise for all of the inconvenience caused here. Unfortunately it was something out of anybody's control, but something we will work to prevent from ever happening again. 

If you have any further questions regarding what's happened, please post in this topic and we'll be happy to help.
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Mar 26, 2016
I can feel your issues in this situation, data corruption sucks. Had this situation on my Linux boxes. For me tho, it was clients files lost.


Founder of Fellowsfilm Studios
Dec 10, 2015
We are so lucky to have been able to recover the database, otherwise we may have had to start from scratch with 0 users, 0 posts etc which would have majorly sucked.


i keep getting error 521 messages need to fix that for sure

It appears that we're getting issues with our web server occasionally crashing. I'm in contact with the hosting provider now to get this sorted as soon as possible. 

I've also enabled Cloudflare on our domain so we get instant notifications and analytics across the site if something goes wrong. It also displays error messages with Ray IDs which help us diagnose the problem. We should also have SSL support.

Update: All should be fixed now. We haven't been having any issues over the last few days after some changes were made :)
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