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The Baron
What do you guys think to this? It's a self driving car made by Google, which has no steering wheel.

My personal opinion on this concept, I think it will be useful for the disabled first and foremost, and secondly, there's probably no license involved so from a cost point of view (licensing laws, especially in the UK are a total rip off) it's efficient.

Otherwise, I think this takes the fun out of driving. There's nothing that beats going out for a drive, shifting through the gears and being in control of your destination. It all seems lazy to me.



The Lurker
Imagine when the car gets hacked. It will need to connect to the internet to update its map of the world. By connecting to the internet the car is vunerable to attacks. Also imagine if a new road is built over a cliff, google hasnt added this road yet on google maps. Im sure you will be flying once your on this road.


Think as a concept it's a really cool idea, but should never be put into production and sold to the general public.


I like it. Just put a steering wheel in... you know.. Just incase. And you wouldn't be able to go anywhere other than the road? Onto a car park at a festival? Nope. Going on a safari? Nope.


If it has a steering wheel and pedals so it's optional then it should be fine :P


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While I like driving in video games, I'm not a fan of actually driving. Because of that, I do really like the idea of a self driving car, especially one that you don't need a driver's license to have it drive you around. I could see that being a requirement for any self driving car that has a steering wheel/manual driving mode.

Long term, having two tiers of self driving cars may be a good idea. One with a manual mode for those who do drive, and one without for those who can't legally drive. The first one would probably still require a license to operate at all (even if it is just self driving all the time), and the latter shouldn't require a driver's license at all.


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Yeah, officer I have been drinking but my automated driver is the sober ride. I dont think it should be sold at all. Lawyers don't need another income stream from lawsuits.
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Yeah, officer I have been drinking but my automated driver is the sober ride. I dont think it should be sold at all. Lawyers don't need another income stream from lawsuits.
The easiest/laziest solution would simply be to have it be illegal to "operate" a self-driving car while intoxicated. Granted, a self-driving car (when driving itself, of course) shouldn't have a reason to get pulled over very often. The only time I can think of would be when lights need to be replaced if the owner doesn't notice.

A smarter solution would be a "black box" sort of thing that records simple things. This wouldn't need to include any personal information or voice/video recording. However, something like that could easily tell when the vehicle was used in manual or automatic mode. If it records the right data, the black box should be able to solve most lawsuits and legal issues fairly quickly.


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Google wasn't the first to do this, cars that park themselves for example have been around for years.

I've also seen a live webcam stream from a dude riding in the back of his car with autopilot, spun the laptop round, nobody in the driver's seat but it was keeping in lane and steady speed, the lot. Google have probably just got self driving including starting from a location and stopping including red lights I guess.
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