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I having a issue with the map, basically when I load the map up and when it finishes, everywhere like the Bus Station, Parking lots and where Scenery sits is plane white. Also when traffic uses there rear lights they also turn white. Plus on top of that glitch or thing I also have 2 white lines which follow my Camera white come down from the sky. I have a screenshot of the issue which I will post below this comment.




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To further what RH said, you could try the common fix of applying the 4GB patch to the OMSI executable to allow it access to more of your PC's memory: NTCore's Homepage

Note that if your OMSI executable gets overwritten for any reason, for instance if there is an update to the game or if you verify the integrity of the game files, you will need to re-apply the patch.


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im having a problem in omsi2 scunthorpe where some of my roads are missing Ive tried reinstalling the map but that dose not seam to help

is there anything i can do to fix this?

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