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SCS Software said:

Some of you may have found our very first newsletter [link to previous newsletter post] in your inbox during the recent week. It's been a bit complicated for us to mail out over 170 thousand e-mails (and that's still only about half of users registered on World of Trucks!), even using Amazon's back-end service, it took several days to go through the long list.

So far we have received mostly compliments from our readers, indicating that there's hunger for such information updates. Some of our fans come here to read our blog, other people mostly stick to facebook, some prefer twitter, but it would take a real obsession to follow everything we do on a daily basis. So we believe that the newsletter, covering a broader range of topics and sent out every couple of months, will be a good additional channel to keep in touch with the fanbase, especially with the players who do not play the game or engage in the community so frequently, but still don't want to miss out on new cool things happening that could spark their interest in playing the game again more intensively.

It was not a coincidence that we wanted to get the first newsletter issue out alongside the release of our Euro Truck Simulator 2 Scandinavia expansion, a little bit of additional PR never hurts, but we think that you could appreciate that we focused on slightly different and deeper aspect of its development, as well as provided an overview of other projects that we are cooking for you under SCS Software's roof.

To prevent excessive email bounce rate we opted to sent the newsletter only to active World of Trucks users - those who logged in to World of Trucks at least once during the last six months. In case you were among people who missed it, fear not, we are going to store all our future newsletters on our forum [forum link], where you have an option to comment or discuss its content.

So here you go:
Comment on our forum here

Read newsletter here
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170 thousand e-mails (and that's still only about half of users registered on World of Trucks!
And imagine if most of them have purchased the game. SCS are rolling it!
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