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We had a very nice visit from Truckers.FM guys at the end of January. They are (as many of you know) the biggest and certainly the most vocal online radio stream for ETS 2 and ATS player's community. We really like and appreciate what these guys have achieved. Over the years, they have invested so much of their free time to bring joy, great events and cool music for all virtual truckers around the world.

We've been in touch with Alex a.k.a DJ London for a long time but unfortunately we never had a chance to meet in person. Until now, when he and his brother were on their trip to Prague. It was a perfect opportunity to invite them to our labs!

You can read their own coverage of the visit and look what they have been up to and how they enjoyed their trip at this link.

Thank you guys, we really enjoyed the time we have spent with you!



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They all look so stoked to be there! :P </sarcasm>

I'd be like a kid if I went to SCS really, can you imagine running about the SCS HQ? We'd be like "Fancy computers, this looks cool, oh what does this button do?" *breaks SCS*.
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