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On Wednesday, we have offered the players of Euro Truck Simulator 2 a new challenge with the release of Special Transport DLC. We wanted to bring you something fresh, something different from the monotony of standard deliveries. Some of the tight passes should put your skills to a real test, and the escort vehicles make it all look really exciting.

Reading your excited and positive reactions, comments, and reviews on the various communication and social channels, it looks like we have succeeded in our goal, and made our fan base mostly happy.

Searching the Internet, we have found many great fan-made videos, stream records, let's plays, and first looks. Let us show you just a small sample here...

MrMorrelo's Fan Made Trailer
TGM's Fan Made Trailer
Daggerwin's First Look
adarol's Video (German language)
Hilmi Şahin's Video (Turkish language)
JNR-SNR Gaming's Video
Gamekeepers_cz's First Look (Czech language)
If you are in the mood for even more movies, here is a link conveniently asking YouTube to search for "special transport ets2." However, who would just sit and watch movies all day when you can actually get behind the wheel to deliver those huge loads!? :)


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