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Raise your eyes to the sky and marvel at the night sky - Euro Truck Simulator2: Space Paint Jobs Pack brings a touch of extra-terrestrial experience to the game. We have created 6 spacy paint jobs to decorate your trucks, plus 2 brand new cool cabin toys...

You have probably noticed that we have slowed down the introduction of new cosmetic items via DLC to our games in recent times, even though a lot of players keep asking us for new decorations. We are trying to strike a new balance with the timing, and new cool stuff is also now coming as rewards for successful participation in the various World of Trucks events.

We have quite a bunch of ideas for topics worth covering in future thematic paintjob packs, but we also enjoy working on input from the fan community, so if you have a great suggestion, we'll be happy to hear it. Then there are the country-based paint sets, we still owe the players in several large fan communities their set of truck paints. We'll need to see what we can do about it, especially as new map expansions are under development ;).




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That's a lot of space. Would it allow you to haul multiple trailers? :P
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