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Every year, the Open House Prague festival opens some unique, architecturally important, and under normal circumstances inaccessible buildings and areas to the general public free of charge. This year, the 4th edition - which will take place on May 19-20, 2018 - will open more than 60 buildings and offices around the city. And we're among them!

While we occasionally invite members of our fan community like modders, YouTubers, Twitchers or other media and press people to visit our office to spend some time with us, we've never done an official open-day event before. We've decided to take the opportunity and join this festival to let the general public walk around our new office and see where our games are being made.

So, if you'd like to visit our 'home', take a guided tour and engage in a small chat with some members of our team, or try one of our 4D motion seats which we have here, mark these days in your calendar and plan a trip to Prague. This is the place.

We're looking forward to meeting with you, our dear virtual truckers! ;-)


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