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SCS Software said:
We are stabilizing the 1.17 ETS2 update with the goal of releasing another open beta soon. In fact we hoped to surprise you and get it out still this week, but late on Friday it became clear that we are not ready yet.

The graphics rendering pipeline is undergoing quite some overhaul to speed things up ahead of release of Scandinavia. We see that it improved framerate stability on low-end computer configurations, the jury is still out whether it helps the same way on high-end computers. We are battling some last-minute bugs creeping in now, and the programmers insist on spending a couple of extra days to have a build stable enough for public consumption. We expect 1.17 public Steam beta will see the light of day next week,fingers crossed that the coders fix all the problems by then.

The good news is - our ultimate goal is clear and we are on path: release of Scandinavia DLC is scheduled for May 7, 2015. Yesterday we already released a little teaser just about that. If you haven't noticed it already, check it out:

Let's talk a bit more about what's coming in the new DLC: Scandinavian diversity.
The asset variation across Scandinavia territory is unprecedented for our games. The man-power we have poured into creation of new models and textures is exceeding even the work invested into the original ETS2. You can see that the look and feel of north of Scandinavia is very different comparing to the southern regions. Forests, fields and lakes of the south are giving way to mountainous regions filled with rock formations, cliffs, mountain valleys, and long twisty tunnels - which sometimes have even crossroads inside.
We have prepared a new set of screenshots for your viewing pleasure:
Happy Easter to everybody!
Click a picture to see the full sized version:
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The more they talk about the Scandinavia DLC the more excited I become haha :D
Also, let's hope they'll be able to get the 1.17 beta out next week, would love to give the new features a try already :P
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