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SCS Software said:
Recent weeks have been awfully busy at our office while we apply final touches to the content of Scandinavia DLC as the release date draws closer and closer. At the same time, our team has been working round the clock to put together the public beta of the upcoming 1.17 update.

We have to apologize for being over-optimistic about the timeframe of the open beta release - we expected to have it out already as of last week, but we ended up needing more time. Important optimizations in the rendering code have been taken more time, sorry about raising your hopes too early. We definitely want to make a good impression even with this first beta (and there may be more), so having the performance closer to what we expect to ship with eventually is really important.

Meanwhile, we have lifted the embargo imposed on our inner-circle closed-beta testing group, the guys and girls helping us to comb Scandinavia for bugs, and they have started producing some really amazing videos! Perhaps they can shorten the wait a little for those anticipating the release of DLC Scandinavia.

Below you can see a short teaser trailer created by Adam, one of our trusted community testers. His short video showcases the environments nicely with the use of scenic camera...

The second video is a gameplay clip from Squirrel - one of the community's favorite YouTubers and streamers - taking you on a short delivery across beautiful Swedish landscape, visiting the Scania factory:


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