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SCS Software said:
A small expedition team from SCS Software received a kind invitation to spend three days at the PACCAR Technical Center in Mount Vernon, Washington, USA. It has been a great adventure for us, we have recorded a ton of truck engine sounds, photographed and scanned whatever we could get our hands on, and spent hours discussing trucking topics.

The level of support we have received from PACCAR is unprecedented, we got unlimited access to many trucks with friendly company test drivers revving them and torturing them on the test track according to our wishes. It will take us weeks and weeks to process the raw data and months for this to make a difference in the game, but it was definitely an experience that will help us make our games better for you.

If you are curious to see more pictures from our trip across the USA, you are welcome to check out SCS Software's twitter.



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I highly doubt DAF would become part of an American game. They simply aren't sold in the States.

Some small quantities of DAF's were imported, but under the Peterbilt logo.
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