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With each map expansion for our games, we try to come up with new types of places to go. Not just new geography, but also new delivery terminals, bringing new challenges for manoeuvring the truck and trailer. More variety and more eye candy never hurts, but our ambition goes further. We would like the locations in our games to be recognizable, reminding those who know them of their real-world counterparts.

The same will be true for our upcoming Vive la France map DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2 of course. French industry is giving us a lot of opportunities. Today we'd like to take a look at one industry segment. France derives 75% of its electricity from nuclear power plants, so we thought that featuring a couple of them in the game a rather good idea.

The screenshots below are showing the results of our current work on vast complexes of Civaux and Saint-Laurent nuclear power plants.




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Looks pretty standard for ETS2. Not nearly as detailed as previous ETS2 screenshots, but I guess it's not complete so it might look better! :P


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Nice ! I hope that we'll have more trailers with these new companies.
And that would be great if we could see one before the DLC comes out :p
And as the DLC will cover all the France : even the already existing cities in the game, I can't wait to see the remake of Calais (with the port) !
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