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We have quite a few people here who love scoring goals and spamming "No Problem." in Rocket League, so we have reached out to Psyonix about a cross-promo between Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Rocket League. The result of our cross over is looking great, see for yourself in the upcoming Rocket League update and in the free DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2!

Starting later this month, 2 new items will appear in ETS2's accessories: Iconic Rocket League ball to hang on the window of your truck, and the Octane car for the truck dashboard.
Cabin toy physics, introduced in the Cabin Accessories DLC, has been enabled in the base game thanks to this update.

Screenshot from a definitely random location.

Rocket League players will get a chance to get a drop with the ETS2 Rig Antenna.
Wear it proudly and send us some nice goals while using the antenna here or on Twitter! Bonus points if they are from the Hoops mode which is coming with the Rocket League update.

Big thanks goes to Dirkened and Kyle from Psyonix for making this possible!


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